Engineering Data

Panels, Concrete pads, J-bolt anchors, Drill-screw anchors, Steel tube rating and Coatings

1. J bolts

1/2” set 12” in to the concrete base. This method meets and exceeds hurricane-rating 5, which is rated for 150mph. The panels under these conditions will with stands 3500 lbs of wind forces. The J bolts will have two sets of nuts with one set under the base plate with a second on top. This will allow adjustment for leveling.

• J bolt (individual material specification) per anchor
• Low Carbon Steel meeting the minimum tensile and yield strengths of ASTM
• A36 & ASTM F1554 Grade 36
• Min. Tensile: 58,000 PSI
• Min Yield: 36,000 PSI
• Thread requirements: ANSI B1.1 UNC Class 2A. (Rolled Threads)

2. Simpson strong-ties anchor systems (THD50600H)

This system is a 1/2” drill and screw in type anchoring system. It can be reinforced with epoxy to add extra strength. This system meets and exceeds the state of Florida hurricane rating ICC-ES ESR-1056 (Used for Florida State Wide product approval # FL2304) This method will with stand 3,500 lbs of wind forces. The advantages to this system allow old pads to be reused saving money and the ecology.

The Shear loads in Normal-weight concrete:
1/2” Drill size 1/2" embed depth 5 3/4”
• Installed in 2000 psi concrete (Ultimate lbs 19,793) (Allowable 4950 lbs)
• Installed in 3000 psi concrete (Allowable 5560 lbs)
• Installed in 4000 psi concrete (Ultimate lbs 24,680) (Allowable 4950 lbs)
• Shear load based on concrete edge distance, 2500 psi (17.2 MPa) concrete–size 1/2" (12.7 mm), drill bit diameter 1/2", embed depth 4 1/2" (114 mm), minimum edge distance 1 3/4" (45 mm), minimum end distance 8" (203 mm), minimum spacing distance 8" (203 mm), Ultimate lbs 7,800 (34.7kN), Standard Dev. lbs. 300 (1.3 kN) Allowable lbs. 1,950 (8.7 kN)

3. Steel pickets

Pickets are designed to allow wind to pass through, reducing load on fence during storm. All parts of a steel unit are powdered coated with Tiger Drylac Series 38 Super durable polyester powder coating.

3.1. Laminated fiberglass ceramic panel

Meets certification requirements of OBBS (Ohio Bureau of Building Standards)
Ceramic panel Panels are rated at 38,000 PSI
Hurricane rating number 5, 150 mph wind

4. Steel

ASTM 500 structural tubing, coated with Tiger Drylac Series 38 Super durable polyester powder coating

5. Steel coatings

In most cases, steel parts are coated with Tiger Drylac Series 38 Super durable polyester powder coating. If a specification requires painting, we use epoxy primer and Polane S™ or Treadplex™. We can also meet whatever specification you supply.

6. Concrete pads for compactors

The below concrete Pad specifications are suggested as soil conditions may require different specifications. Consult your PE or architect and local codes. The below pads require no foundation installed as any other pad

Small, single dumpster enclosure
Size 130" x 130" x 5” cubic yards required 1.83
Size 130" x 130" x 6” cubic yards required 2.17

Large 30-34 c.yd. trash compactor compactor enclosure with ramp
Size 324" x 276" x 5” cubic yards required 9.66
Size 324" x 276" x 6” cubic yards required 9.66

Large 30-34 c.yd. trash compactor compactor enclosure without ramp
Size 324" x 204" x 5” cubic yards required 7.14
Size 324" x 204" x 6” cubic yards required 8.50

Concrete specification:
Concrete 8-bag mix–aerated (fiberglass reinforced) with 2% slump

Smart Surround requires all pads to be level and square for proper installation for an enclosure. Smart Surround is not liable or responsible for improperly installed pads, which are not level and are not square. Smart surround is not responsible for badly mixed or improperly specified concrete mixtures or poorly installed concrete pads. SmartSurround does have product which can help with a pad which is not level. Please write us for a solutions to your installation difficulties, we are here to help.

Changes in design and specification can take place without notification to you.

SmartSurround LLC Limited Warranty
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What is not covered: This Limited warranty does not cover any damage, or malfunction resulting from any alteration or modification, improper or unreasonable use of the product, included are: maintenance, abuse, accidents, exposure or excess moisture, fire. Improper packaging, shipping. Scratches and dents with custom or modified assemblies and are not warranted.
This limited warranty does not cover any damage, distortion or malfunction resulting from installation or removal of the product from any installation. Any unauthorized tampering with the product, any repairs attempted by anyone unauthorized by SmartSurround to make such repairs or any other costs which does not relate directly to a defect in material and or workmanship of the product. This limited warranty does not cover cartons, equipment, or accessories used in conjunction with the product. with limitations any other exclusions here in SmartSurround does not warrant that the product covered here by including without limitations the technology or integration included in the product will not become obsolete or that the items or will remain compatible with other products and technologies which the product may be used. Dents scratches and other surface aberrations which are caused due to shipping and handling and installation are not warranted. No guarantee on color fade or color matching is warranted. SmartSurround does not cover labor, installation or shipping and contractual obligations are not warranted.
How long this coverage lasts: The standard limited warranty for SmartSurround products is one year from the date of the completion of the production of the product. It is only warranted to cover materials which will meet the ASTM standard 500 for steel and the powder coating which will be free of cracks or peeling for a period of one year. If material is found defective; the part in question may be sent back to SmartSurround at the owners expense and a replacement part or the part in question may be re manufactured.